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You can purchase any of our blends from us right here! Hand-delivered to your door for free in the Portland Metro area, free nation-wide shipping on all orders over $40!


Did you know the best way to make a great cup of coffee is to weigh the beans in grams? Seven grams makes the perfect cup, and 50 grams is ideal for a French Press. We’ve worked these ratios into our pricing so you can best anticipate your coffee needs. And if you can’t decide, pick up a 100 gram sampler or two for a low-commitment way to discover your new favorite flavor.


Interested in serving our coffee in your office, restaurant, or coffee shop/cart/hut?

Wholesale pricing is simple: $25 per kilogram (1000 grams), with a minimum purchase of 2kg.  Inquire for reduced rates over 5kg!



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