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Brazil Cerrado de Minas Natural Process


Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate – Peanut Butter – Raisin – Granola

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Like a diamond in the rough, beauty can often be found in unexpected places. This delicious roast, like the story of coffee itself, is the product of improbable human ingenuity in the face of all odds.

Cerrado de Minas is among the most ecologically-diverse regions on Earth. Its ideal combination of altitude, weather, and sunlight produce coffee that is complex, chocolatey, and aromatic.

After harvest, the coffee cherries are sun-dried – allowing for natural sugars to remain – then rested in wood boxes for upwards of 30 days. The result is a perfect flavor combination of dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, and cereal. A gem of a coffee, here to brighten your day when you need it most!

While coffee has been cultivated in Brazil since the early 18th century, these nearly half-million prime acres remained unidentified until the mid-1970’s. Amid a crisis which nearly brought down the Brazilian coffee industry, farmers turned attention to an overlooked and underdeveloped plateau in the Northwest of the state of Minas Gerais. With hard work and local knowledge, Cerrado de Minas developed into a prominent cooperative of coffee farmers, and the rest is history.

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