Clemmy’s Decaf – 2019 Golden Bean North America™ Champion | Black Rose

Clemmy’s Decaf – 2019 Golden Bean North America™ Champion


Tasting Notes: Cherry – Caramel – Citrus – Cane Sugar

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Colombia Valle del Cauca

Bright, bold, and a little sweet, Clemmy’s Decaf is the cup of coffee decaf drinkers deserve. These beans are grown in a biological Conservation Corridor between the National Park of Tatamá and Serrania de los Paraguas, the Umbrella Mountain Range. Although umbrellas aren’t allowed in Portland, we imported these beans to keep you warm on a rainy day.

After harvest, the beans are washed with a “sugarcane process” using an organic compound found in locally-grown sugarcane, which leaves more flavor in the bean than a conventional decaffeinating wash. Your cup has notes of cherry and caramel, with bright citrus, and just a little sugarcane sweetness.

Drink it any time of day, or brew with any other Black Rose bean for a delightful half-caff blend. Or fool your friends into thinking they’re drinking “regular” coffee. Death before decaf? Not here. We offer life with great coffee.

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Espresso (fine), None (whole bean), French press/coffee maker (coarse)