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Black Rose Gift Box

BR Coffee x Mocha Buzz Lip Balm x Shower Coffee! Body Scrub


Your choice of two bags (one 150g bag and one 350g bag) of Black Rose coffee along with a 10g tin of Mocha Buzz balm & a 75g jar of Shower Coffee! scrub. It’s all nestled in a limited-edition, artisan-milled Oregon Douglas Fir box, embossed with our famous Moose logo and hand-numbered. Give the gift of Black Rose Coffee to a friend, partner, loved one, or all three: yourself.

Mocha Buzz Lip Balm

Cacao Butter x Beeswax x Grapeseed Oil x Black Rose Coffee


Wake up your lips with our moisturizing Mocha Buzz! Our handmade balm soothes dry lips with the inviting, chocolatey aroma of a Black Rose mocha. We steep our coffee in vitamin-E-rich grapeseed oil, leaving your skin hydrated but not oily.

Shower Coffee! Body Scrub

Black Rose Coffee Grounds x Coarse Sugar x Grapeseed Oil x Almond Oil x Vanilla


Have your first coffee fix before you even start brewing. Handmade by Black Rose, our blend of exfoliating coffee grounds and coarse sugar x grapeseed & almond oils leave your roughest skin smooth and hydrated, all with the aroma of fresh brewed Black Rose coffee. This scrub is also great for soothing dry hands! 

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Roaster’s Special

Pacific Woods

Sumatra Aceh Mandheling

   Tasting Notes: Raisin – Dark Chocolate – Sweet Tobacco – Cedar


Black Rose Blend

Costa Rica x Guatemala x Brazil

Tasting Notes: Roasted Nuts – Dark Chocolate – Toasted Marshmallow


Clemmy’s Decaf!

Colombia Valle del Cauca

2019 Golden Bean North America™ Champion
    Tasting Notes: Cherry – Caramel – Citrus – Cane Sugar


Trail Mix

Pacific Woods x Brazil

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate – Raisin – Peanut


Guatemala San Vicente Pacaya

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate – Caramel – Almond – Cinnamon


Costa Rica Terrazú Hot Springs

Tasting Notes: Cocoa – Nutty – Stonefruit


Brazil Cerrado de Minas Natural Process

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Raisin Granola


Roaster’s Special

Pacific Woods

Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling

$5 from each sale will be donated to Keep Oregon Green ( for ongoing firefighting and conservation efforts.

We love our trees here in Oregon as much as we love our coffee. The vast sea of evergreens blanketing the western half of our region is ingrained deeply in our hearts. Oregon has endured a devastating wildfire season. The damage is painful, but our Pacific woods, like the people who inhabit them, are resilient. With the release of Pacific Woods, Black Rose is proud to support Keep Oregon Green as part of the collective recovery effort.

Pacific Woods is a unique variety grown and harvested by a collective of small producers at 1200 meters on the northwest tip of Sumatra. A wet-hull method, locally known as Giling Basaha, imparts notes of cedar and smoke. The resulting coffee is a welcoming combination of sweet raisin and earthy dark chocolate, a touch of smokiness, with full body and a smooth, creamy finish. A warm, lingering cedar note links this traditionally-processed coffee with aromas of the Pacific Northwest and the woods we dearly cherish.

Available in the 350g size only.

Tasting Notes: Raisin – Dark Chocolate – Sweet Tobacco – Cedar

Freshly Roasted

Our coffees are always roasted to order ensuring you will enjoy them at their most fragrant and flavorful. Every coffee we offer has been test-roasted to determine the best roasting conditions to highlight its flavor and aroma.


Hi, I’m Mike. I joke that I grew up a coffee lover in a home full of tea drinkers, but really, I’ve just been attracted to coffee as long as I can remember. Whether it was a whiff in the supermarket coffee aisle, the sound of beans in the grinder, or a shiny chrome espresso machine steaming milk, something about coffee always drew me in. Would you believe that I had a brunch wedding that featured a coffee ceremony? As a child of the 90’s, probably not long after the first time I mispronounced a coffee size, I developed the opinion that you should never have to feel like there’s a barrier between you and good coffee. I’m grateful I have the opportunity to help keep my community caffeinated and spread the love.

Black Rose is our take on the world’s most universal drink. Think of all the effort, time, and travel that each little bean requires to end up in our cups day after day. Along these journeys each coffee develops a unique profile. Our beans are selected and roasted with purpose to highlight these unique flavors and aromas. We’d like to help you find the coffee you love.

Partnership with Blind Coffee Roasters

Tim Howard and I met in 2011, at 4-4-2, a soccer pub on Hawthorne Boulevard in SE Portland, Oregon. It was the Portland Timbers’ first-ever MLS game, on the road in Colorado, and in a room full of beers and cocktails, Tim was drinking coffee. A type-1 Diabetic, I learned, Tim had to give up alcohol years ago to save his vision, becoming a coffee connoisseur and then a coffee roaster.

Blind Coffee Roasters was named as a tribute to how coffee saved his eyes. Tim roasted the coffee for my aforementioned wedding on two 8-ounce batch roasters. Six years later, one of them is now Black Roses’s official test roaster. Tim, a self-taught master roaster with medals to back up the claim, taught me how to understand coffee in all of its stages. Tim says “it’s all about the taste and smell,” and the more I understood about coffee, the more I realized which tastes and smells formed my own sensibilities.

Black Rose is the result of how I want coffee to taste and smell. We now proudly produce our own brands, with distinctly different palates and sensibilities, out of Blind Coffee’s roasterie in Milwaukie, Oregon.